PKC 2016

19th International Conference on the Theory and Practice of Public-Key Cryptography.
Taipei, Taiwan, March 6–9, 2016

Tentative Program

All sessions will be held at the 2nd Conference Hall on the 3rd floor in the H.S.S. Building (人文社會科學館) of Academia Sinica.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

17:00–19:30 Registration and reception – Recreation hall, H.S.S. building

Monday, March 7, 2016

8:00–9:00 Registration
9:00–9:10 Opening Remarks
Session 1: CCA Security (Chair: Yuval Ishai)
9:10–9:30 Trading Plaintext-Awareness for Simulatability to Achieve Chosen Ciphertext Security
Takahiro Matsuda, Goichiro Hanaoka
9:30–9:50 Chosen-Ciphertext Security from Subset Sum
Sebastian Faust, Daniel Masny, Daniele Venturi
9:50–10:10 On the Hardness of Proving CCA-Security of Signed ElGamal
David Bernhard, Marc Fischlin, Bogdan Warinschi
10:10–10:30 CCA-Secure Keyed-Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Junzuo Lai, Robert H. Deng, Changshe Ma, Kouichi Sakurai, Jian Weng
10:30–10:50 On the Key Dependent Message Security of the Fujisaki-Okamoto Constructions
Fuyuki Kitagawa, Takahiro Matsuda, Goichiro Hanaoka, Keisuke Tanaka
10:50–11:20 Coffee break
Session 2: Identity-Based Encryption (Chair: Giuseppe Persiano)
11:20–11:40 Identity-Based Cryptosystems and Quadratic Residuosity
Marc Joye
11:40–12:00 Identity-based Hierarchical Key-insulated Encryption without Random Oracles
Yohei Watanabe, Junji Shikata
12:00–13:00 Invited Talk I: The Many Faces of Garbled Circuits
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
13:00–14:30 Lunch – Recreation Hall at H.S.S. Building
Session 3: Signatures I (Benoît Libert)
14:30–14:50 Attribute-Based Signatures for Circuits from Bilinear Map
Yusuke Sakai, Nuttapong Attrapadung, Goichiro Hanaoka
14:50–15:10 Efficient Unlinkable Sanitizable Signatures from Signatures with Re-Randomizable Keys
Nils Fleischhacker, Johannes Krupp, Giulio Malavolta, Jonas Schneider, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin
15:10–15:30 Fault-Tolerant Aggregate Signatures
Gunnar Hartung, Björn Kaidel, Alexander Koch, Jessica Koch, Andy Rupp
15:30–15:50 Delegatable Functional Signatures
Michael Backes, Sebastian Meiser, Dominique Schröder
15:50–16:20 Coffee break
Session 4: Signatures II (Chair: Tung Chou)
16:20–16:40 Mitigating Multi-Target Attacks in Hash-based Signatures
Andreas Hülsing, Joost Rijneveld, Fang Song
16:40–17:00 Nearly Optimal Verifiable Data Streaming
Johannes Krupp, Dominique Schröder, Mark Simkin, Dario Fiore, Giuseppe Ateniese, Stefan Nuernberger
17:00–17:20 ARMed SPHINCS – Computing a 41KB signature in 16KB of RAM
Andreas Hülsing, Joost Rijneveld, Peter Schwabe

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Session 5: Functional Encryption (Chair: Dominique Schroeder)
9:10–9:30 Extended Nested Dual System Groups, Revisited
Junqing Gong, Jie Chen, Xiaolei Dong, Zhenfu Cao, Shaohua Tang
9:30–9:50 Functional Encryption for Inner Product with Full Function Privacy
Pratish Datta, Ratna Dutta, Sourav Mukhopadhyay
9:50–10:10 Deniable Functional Encryption
Angelo de Caro, Vincenzo Iovino, Adam O'Neill
10:10–10:40 Coffee break
Session 6: Cryptanalysis
10:40–11:00 Algebraic approaches for the Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem over prime fields
Christophe Petit, Michiel Kosters, Ange Messeng
11:00–11:20 Degenerate Curve Attacks
Samuel Neves, Mehdi Tibouchi
11:20–11:40 Easing Coppersmith Methods using Analytic Combinatorics: Applications to Public-Key Cryptography with Weak Pseudorandomness
Fabrice Benhamouda, Céline Chevalier, Adrian Thillard, Damien Vergnaud
11:40–12:00 How to Generalize RSA Cryptanalyses
Atsushi Takayasu, Noboru Kunihiro
12:00–13:00 Invited Talk II: Future Directions in Lattice Cryptography
Vadim Lyubashevsky
13:00–14:30 Lunch – Recreation Hall at H.S.S. Building
14:30–18:30 Excursion to the National Palace Museum
19:30 Banquet at the Silks Palace at the National Palace Museum

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Session 7: Leakage-Resilient and Circularly Secure Encryption (Chair: Mehdi Tibouchi)
9:10–9:30 Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Encryption from Obfuscation
Dana Dachman-Soled, S. Dov Gordon, Feng-Hao Liu, Adam O'Neill, Hong-Sheng Zhou
9:30–9:50 On Generic Constructions of Circularly-Secure, Leakage-Resilient Public-Key Encryption Schemes
Mohammad Hajiabadi, Bruce M. Kapron, Venkatesh Srinivasan
9:50–10:10 KDM-Security via Homomorphic Smooth Projective Hashing
Hoeteck Wee
10:10–10:40 Coffee break
Session 8: Primitives (Chair: Peter Schwabe)
10:40–11:00 Reducing Depth in Constrained PRFs: From Bit-Fixing to NC1
Nishanth Chandran, Srinivasan Raghuraman, Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy
11:00–11:20 Non-Malleable Functions and Their Applications
Yu Chen, Baodong Qin, Jiang Zhang, Yi Deng, Sherman S.M. Chow
11:20–11:40 On Public Key Encryption from Noisy Codewords
Eli Ben-Sasson, Iddo Ben-Tov, Ivan Damgard, Yuval Ishai, Noga Ron-Zewi
11:40–12:00 Non-Trivially Efficient Indistinguishability Obfuscation
Huijia Lin, Rafael Pass, Karn Seth, Sidharth Telang
12:00–13:00 Invited Talk III: The first 10 years of Curve25519
Daniel J. Bernstein
13:00–14:30 Lunch – Recreation Hall at H.S.S. Building
Session 9: Protocols I (Chair: Christophe Petit)
14:30–14:50 Asynchronous Secure Multiparty Computation in Constant Time
Ran Cohen
14:50–15:10 Adaptively Secure Multi-Party Computation from LWE (via Equivocal FHE)
Ivan Damgård, Antigoni Polychroniadou, Vanishree Rao
15:10–15:30 Universally Composable Direct Anonymous Attestation
Jan Camenisch, Manu Drijvers, Anja Lehmann
15:30–15:50 Universally Composable Authentication and Key-Exchange with Global PKI
Ran Canetti, Daniel Shahaf, Margarita Vald
15:50–16:20 Coffee break
Session 10: Protocols II (Chair: Tanja Lange)
16:20–16:40 Very-efficient simulatable flipping of many coins into a well
Luís T. A. N. Brandão
16:40–17:00 Robust Secret Sharing Schemes Against Local Adversaries
Allison Bishop, Valerio Pastro
17:00 Conference Adjourns