Postquantum Crypto Minischool

Taipei, Taiwan, July 20–21, 2020


The venue is the Humanities and Social Sciences Building of Academia Sinica.

COVID-19 News

Lectures of the PQC Mini-School School are going to be held in the 2nd conference hall International Conference Hall (3rd floor).

The Academia Sinica website has a map of the campus.

  • Take a taxi:
    Show the taxi driver the following paragraph:

    中央研究院 人文社會科學館

    Academia Sinica, Humanities and Social Sciences Building
    128 Section 2 Academia Road, Taipei

    Ask the taxi driver to enter the campus through the main gate. After passing through that gate, go straight even after you cross the little bridge. You want to turn left at the little temple; the HSSB will be on your right (if you are looking for the Activities Center, turn left after the little bridge, and look to your right).

    進中研院大門直走, 過小橋在土地公廟左轉即是人文社會科學館。

  • Public Transportation:
    Take Taipei's Metro Rapid Transit Blue Line to Nangang Exhibition Center (南港展覽館) station. You can take a taxi or a bus (number 205, 276, 306, 620, or 645, to Academia Sinica) or walk down Academia Road from there (25-30 minutes).