Postquantum Crypto Minischool

Taipei, Taiwan, July 20–21, 2020

PQCRYPTO Mini-School July 20 — 21, 2020, Taipei

We will hold a 2-day crash school in Post-Quantum Cryptography on July 20-21. The school will cover the basics of post-quantum cryptography and recent developments. Lectures should be accessible to a college upperclassperson majoring in math, computer science or electrical engineering.

Introductory material on all five basic PQC categories will be covered and developments in lattice-based and isogeny-based crypto will be our focus

Lunchboxes will be served if you register and identify your food allergies and other requirements.

COVID-19 News

Due to COVID-19 concerns, we will be holding the mini-school in the International Conference Center at the Humanities building, instead of the originally scheduled Meeting Room II. Please see under "Venue" for further information.