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Recent-Results Session

We are planning to have a session with presentations of very recent results. Talks in this session should be no longer than 20 minutes. If you intend to present results in this session, please submit title, abstract and required time to pqc11@crypto.tw.

Presentations in the recent-results session

Enrico Prati: Atom arrays in semiconductors: from quantum computers to quantum encryption
Abstract: Solid state devices are the main candidates for qubit implementation, photon to charge information conversion, and sources of quantum information in general. The refined precision down to few tens of nanometers obtained in the single ion implantation technique in semiconductor devices paves the way to a new era of solid state quantum devices for both secure quantum information processing and attacks against encryption. We review our recent results on arrays of atoms in Silicon, which are excellent candidates for coherent transfer of encoded quantum information as their discrete spectra create coherent paths through semiconductors via extended states. We report on the state of the art of donor quantum dots for quantum computer implementation and quantum transport of electrons towards the realization of controlled quantum arrays for the adiabatic passage of information, a valuable resource to transfer encoded quantum information.

Masahito Gotaishi: Hidden Pair of Bijection Signature (Part II)
Abstract: Hidden Pair of Bijection Signature (HPB) was proposed as a new lightweight and secure MPKC signature system (http://eprint.iacr.org/2011/353). However, its original structure, with the message-signature ratio 1/2 turned out breakable. Here its vulnerability is described and a way to reinforce the trapdoor. A way to improve the efficiency to make the message-signature ratio about 2/3.