TCC 2023

November 29 - 2 December 2023

Taipei, Taiwan


You should pre-register with us if you are a

  1. passport holder of the PRC (except Hong Kong and Macau) who resides in mainland China.
  2. attendee who requires us to apply for an e-code for an e-VISA

All these scans and the form should be in PDF form. More information can be found here and here.

If you previously pre-registered and feel that you no longer need it, please write us at and we will destroy your data.

1. 入台證 APPLICATION FOR PRC PASSPORT HOLDERS in the Chinese mainland

In this case we require the form contained in this ZIP archive from participants. You will also need scans of

If you are a PRC passport holder in mainland China: There are two separate applications. This form is for applying to Taiwan, so that you can enter Taiwan ("入台證")。There is a separate application to the Chinese authorities, so that you can exit China proper into Taiwan ("大通證"), which we will assist with but you will need to file yourself. This includes sending you schedules, invitation letters, etc. Please send all inquiries also to and we will answer as soon as possible.

For PRC passport holders in the Chinese mainland, we ask you to hold off registering until you actually receive the 入台證; you won't be charged a late fee when you are in process.


In this case, you will fill in this ZIP archive (which requires a passport scan) and submit to us.


  1. submit the files prior to Oct 1, 2023.
  2. register prior to Oct 1, 2023.

We will send out on Oct 1 to confirm that we received your e-code application or if your information is incomplete. The e-code is a relatively safe procedure, so you can register once you have filed with us. Once your e-Code is approved, we will send the code to you, enabling you to apply for the eVisa online at

Data Security

Your data is collected and stored in PGP-encrypted form using client-sided encryption and we will not use this information except when we are applying for your participation with a sort-of-a-visa application. All data including the keys will be destroyed as soon as possible after we applied for everyone and received a result for you.

Pre-Registration Form

(select all files, PDF only, max. 20 MB total)