Bo-Yin Yang's Statement of Candidacy to the IACR Board of Directors:

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20 years ago I started with PKC and CHES and while I have expanded since, these are the main communities I represent. I have been

I am ready to take on Board of Directors membership as a long-term commitment to the IACR. If elected to the BoD, I will
  1. promote geographic and cultural inclusiveness in our events as well as inclusiveness of all areas of cryptographic research and internal cohesion in our community;
  2. encourage openness and reproducibility: more published code, artifact submissions, and formal verification of code, proofs, and protocols; and
  3. share responsibility in sustaining and expanding the IACR's already excellent set of online services.

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Recent Program Committee Experiences:
{PQCrypto, SAC}'16, {ACNS, PQCrypto, SAC}'17, {PQCrypto,Asiacrypt,SAC}'18, PQCrypto'19, {PQCrypto,Indocrypt}'20. {IWSEC,Asiacrypt,PQCrypto}'21, {PKC'22,Eurocrypt,PQCrypto}'22.
Editorial Boards:
TCHES 2018, 20-22 (this is the CHES PC).
Conference Organization:
PQCrypto Steering Comm since 2008, Asiacrypt Steering Comm since 2019.
Asiacrypt 2014 organizer; CHES 2017, Asiacrypt 2022, and QCrypt 2022 (originally 2021): General co-Chair. PQCrypto 2011 PC Chair, PKC 2016 PC co-Chair.

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